RYA First Aid Course Sussex
RYA First Aid Course
RYA Training School Eastbourne, East Sussex

RYA First Aid Course

RYA Skipper and Boat Master First Aid Course Eastbourne, East Sussex

RYA First AidSea Training Sussex (STS) RYA First Aid Courses are aimed primarily at yachtsmen and other water users, but also for anybody requiring knowledge of First Aid.

During the First Aid Training Course you will be taught the latest resuscitation techniques and how to deal with a range of medical emergencies from asthma to care of unconscious patients.

The RYA First Aid Course fulfils the requirements for professional skippers and boat masters operating small craft.

This course is delivered by a experienced first aid instructor who has worked for the emergency services spanning over 2 decades.

Course details

Pre-course experience None
Assumed knowledge None
Course duration 1 day
Minimum age 12 years
Course content The recovery position in a confined space, CPR (including the drowning protocol), cold shock and hypothermia from immersion and/or exposure, seasickness and dehydration, medical assistance or advice by VHF, helicopter rescue.
Course costs £85 per person

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