RYA Powerboat Intermediate Course
RYA Training School Eastbourne, East Sussex

RYA Intermediate Powerboat Course

RYA Intermediate Powerboating Course Eastbourne, East Sussex

RYA Intermediate Power Boat CourseIf you’re thinking of being more adventurous and going further afield, then the RYA Intermediate Powerboat Course is the natural progression from the RYA Powerboat Level 2 as it aims to teach Powerboating up to the standard required to plan a passage, and complete a day cruise on coastal waters during daylight hours.

The RYA Intermediate Powerboat Course aims to provide a level of training to suit the more frequent user, and in more advanced conditions. The two-day Power-boating Course involves a coastal passage, and covers practical use of daytime pilotage and passage planning skills, using both traditional and electronic navigational techniques on coastal waters.

Subjects Covered:

  • Pilotage
  • Navigation
  • Fuel and engine checks
  • Effect of waves and rougher conditions
  • Power trim and trim tabs
  • Berthing in different situations
  • Use of GPS in high-speed navigation and pilotage by day

Course details

Pre-course experience Candidates should be competent to the standard of Powerboat level 2 with coastal endorsement.
Assumed knowledge It is strongly recommended that the candidate hold a 1st aid certificate and a VHF operators certificate.
Course duration 2 days
Minimum age 16 years
Course content Planning a Day cruise: pilotage, navigation, safety, fuel and engine checks. Boat handling and passage making: effects of waves and rougher conditions, berthing in different situations, use of GPS in high speed navigation and pilotage by day.
Course cost £250 per person / £450 with 1:1 tuition

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